11 November 2010 @ 01:08 am
Art Dump 03: World of Warcraft + Pony + Fire Emblem  
I went on a drawing spree this last weekend/week and so have lots to post. Dx I usually scan in sheets and just post full sheets, but because these will be cross-posted to WyrmrestAccord.net also? I went and cut them down individually and resized etc. before uploading. So.

Random Fire Emblem attempt + Pony and then tons of WoWcrap. :)

I'll try to post these in order of being done. I haven't drawn this much for years so improvement might be seen from one drawing to the next:

Veredus, my holy paladin. She's sweet and kind-hearted. My first attempt at drawing her:

Fitzy Spritzit, my gnome mage. I deleted her because RPing a gnome just didn't click with me, but she was a cutie-pie...

Nicholle Laronge-- she's a bitch. Yep. Also a combat rogue.

Lucie Bernard, warrior, painter...daydreamer??

Kiona Starhoof, pretty tauren hunter. <3 I *love* how this came out.

Divinas Moonsong, night elf kitty druid. She looks innocent and sweet but she is BAD. ASS.

Madira, tauren druid, for Ruthhall on LJ. <3 She sent me netherweave bags and 20g to help get me started Horde-side, so I wanted to doodle her character.

Veredus again. I was practicing clothes, hence the odd dress. She's bandaging her arm after a fight. Also, her hair is up in this and not in a lower ponytail.

Bernice d'Soir, human priest, she's mute. And a cutie. I love her. <3333

Tikaani, troll shaman. I need to actually log into her. I drew her to get a feel for her, and she might be kinda fun to play. I want her have fuzzy eyebrows for some reason...but they just "fit". <3

Lise Dawnsong, blood elf mage. She's sweet and friendly and crochets. This is her with her crocheting bag. <3 (Be nice or she'll crochet you a scarf for Winter Veil!)

Favana, draenei death knight. It seemed she was only dead for a moment, and then...back. I'm too poor to really afford her these things for RP purposes, but if I could, she'd wear them. She likes kitties because they're warm and sweet (and she's a frost DK). I'm RP'ing that Timmy rescued Darling, the grey silver tabby in this picture. <3

Alaan, draenei protection paladin. He's derpy and his Common is outlandishly bad, and he's a sweetheart. He'll be a jewelcrafter, and I'll send him to lowbie areas to hand out free rings to the girls...because, "Every girl deserve pretty thing!!"

Tiny Alaan being...Alaanish.

Derptastic attempt at drawing Veredus with her hair up...again. Yeaaah...BZZT.

Kiona executing the "Cheesy Tauren Grin"tm. :P

Another attempt at Divinas

Lucie, with a smock on. She's ready to paint!!

Lise, an experimentation in style. I like this style a lot. ;_; But anyway...you get a scarf anyway. Actually there might be someone in-game she wants to make one for...but...we'll see if she does.

Bernice likes dogs!

Random person in Thunder Bluff named Flowerhoof. I thought her character name was just TOO CUTE NOT TO ATTEMPT TO DRAW and she had a MRP page (though it wasn't filled out), so I just went with instinct and made her cute. Eye placement isn't right but I still like how this turned out...

Kiona and Soliloquy, her strider pet. Uhh...fail on this one. So hard. I'll do better next time.

Lucie's painting again!

Another random person in Thunder Bluff. I liked her character description of her Tree Form, so while I waited for permission to draw it, I doodled her caster form anyway.

Here's her tree form. I didn't color it because I fail at colorage. (I don't really have an eye for color.)

Favana and Darling:

Kiona wants a hug.

Don't take it personally, Nicholle hates everyone.

Cute Veredus. This one got cut off, which is too bad, because it was a full picture. <3

Alaan adores horses. In fact, he wants to run a stable.

That's all for now! Expect more, though. Also, you might notice my paper is thin enough that the scanner actually scans clean through...to the next page. Somehow. Ahaha, sorry about that.
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Xirysa[personal profile] xirysa on November 11th, 2010 08:00 pm (UTC)

That pony. Is so bloody adorable.


...Hm. I should start doodling again lol.
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[personal profile] korundum on November 12th, 2010 01:05 am (UTC)
Seriously, that pony is super cute.
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