08 January 2011 @ 10:55 pm
Art Dump 04: World of Warcraft, Fire Emblem, Animals  

Random cat:

Kelpie. I'm playing around with a design for one for an original fiction piece...yeah shut up.

Because it had to be done, the worst 2-minute doodle of your life! Don Quixote!Tauroneo. With Zihark and Jill and Pelleas.

Jill is a badass even when ready for bed? IDEK. Don't ask. That axe is always close by.

[profile] kittykatloren and I determined that Haar needed a cat. I don't know how that spawned JILL with a cat, but whatever:

Random scribble of Haar and Jill:

Jill and Lyn hofisting. People keep asking me why I go after the ponytailed girls. Or something. It's just a coincidence I swear! (/quietly takes hair out of ponytail when nobody is looking.)

Another practice sketch of Jill. I did better on the eyes this time. Yes I draw sideways. And I think my scanner ate the top half. OH WELL.

This was supposed to have Naesala in it but I forgot. Whatever. He gave Leanne coffee. (Is this a bad thing? MAYBE.)

Three minute Lyndis on the corner of the page?

This was fun. Sain and Makalov. DON'T WORRY BRO I GOTS CASH.

Vika. :D

Random Kent with a gift? IDK.

World of Warcraft:

My mute priest, Bernice:

Danielle, who is literally a huntard. Even her wolf thinks so.

Worgen druid, Darcee. Haven't really played around with her much.

Random!Draenei. Practice sketch/style thing.

Essie, night elf mage, but...yeah she looks like a goblin. OOPS.

Kiona. :3 Tauren hunter.

Lucie, human warrior who paints:

Nicholle, human rogue who is just always pissed off. My future RP intent is to make her a clam farmer type thing.

Alaan, derpy pally who is JCing.

That's it!
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