Under a cut!

First up is G Gundam, and first on the list is Rain Mikamura, my favorite character in the series, and also probably the only sane character in the series...

Diglet!Domon, don't ask. IDEK.

Every time Master Asia shows up, this is Domon's face. ALSO YOUR FACE, but that's not the point, here.

Immaturity on my part at its best, it's the "Shining Finger"...

And this quote from the anime had me doing a double-take because it just sounded so bad, yet...

And now for some Escaflowne! First up is...

Merle, one of the...err...better characters, imo:

And last but not least we have Hitomi's annoying blabber at the beginning of every episode:


And Misao from Rurouni Kenshin:
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