01 November 2011 @ 12:43 pm
Art Dump 13: World of Warcraft  
Hold onto your hats, boys and girls, there is a ton of this crap, and most of it's not very well-done!

Aanya, one of my RP toons (currently on an inactive account)

Cezanne, my blood elf warlock who is also on an inactive account:

Clairee, the night elf druid I wish I could make. XD

Dava, Aanya's sister. She now resides on Arathor under the name "Carousel", and I've replaced Aanya's sister instead with Rie, who essentially looks...similar.

Dava and Aanya:

Dava again:

Random draenei:

I wanted to sew a draenei doll, that looks like dis.

Francis (paladin, inactive account) and his sister Francoise (priest):

Chevis, my blood elf warrior/blacksmith.

Essie, my draenei shaman.

Here she is again, post-eye injury:

Another picture of Essie before her eye injury:

My draenei hunter, Kesia, and her spider pet. Who is annoying as hell in PVP. :D

Hatsuka, my orc warrior lady (inactive account, QQ)

Lucie, my tauren druid:

Myra, my draenei paladin/derpadin.

Myra's charger (aka fuck you Blizz for making me take an ugly elekk):

Myra and Istryx, her newer magefriend. Is caught her starting a fire in the Darnassas inn and...wasn't too pleased... "I've spent so much time outside that I couldn't tell the difference!"

This was my worgen hunter, Deanna. The name has since gone to a goblin shadow priest.

WHO LIKES HOT HOTS?! Tauren druid.