Plenty of "My Little Pony"-esque things in here, along with some other random oddities.

My sister wants me to work on a cat webcomic with her. It will star Paul, who was a [insert random profession here] who was hit on the head. Everything went dark...but then it got light again. And he was a kitten. Obviously based on my own Paul because he looks creepily like a cat person with his white armpit hair, white hair between his back legs, and a swatch of chest hair. LOL! He keeps a weird diary in the comic in our mind:

And he also records what the real cats Rowa who always looks so stupid but is secretly rather clever:


Random ass face of SOOPRIEZ:


Soren Pony, for [personal profile] amielleon:

Ike and Soren ponies, anyone? Also for [personal profile] amielleon:

More Ike and Soren ponies for [personal profile] amielleon:

[personal profile] writerawakened requested a "badass unicorn", and this was drawn to "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel:

[personal profile] writerawakened didn't request this but HE IS GETTING IT ANYWAY. Pelleas as a pony! o/

[personal profile] blankspectrum wanted a pony with irises, so this pony's name is Winter Iris:

Majesty (an actual Gen1 (1980s)) My Little Pony, for [personal profile] xirysa:

Merpony who remains unnamed D: for [profile] raphaiel:

And a narwhal pony also for [personal profile] raphiael:

I know she requested a purple pony sleeping on a rainbow with clouds and stuff, but this is "Partly Cloudly" sliding down a rainbow instead. And sleeping in the corner in a small picture with smiling clouds because WHY NOT? For [identity profile]

Random Pony #1:

Random Pony #2:

Here are my old "pony personas", ponies that were supposed to represent me in different ways:

Candlelight, my first persona who underwent a color change from purple to white/gold over the years:

Strawberry Raine, my second persona, who NEEDS a change, like how about a name change?

Manna, my third persona, who is still the same except for the cutie mark:

Lynn, my fourth persona, she was a challenge as we had to make a pony based off of ONLY OUR TRUE SELVES, so they had to even look like us. I commissioned an artist to make her. Lynn is my middle name:

Snapdragon, my fifth and LAST persona, a baby pony to represent staying young and stuff:

Feather Kisses, for Budgie:

I named this one "Heat Lightning", and s/he's for [personal profile] karel!

Hurr I'm a seehoars!

((All the other art that I did (World of Warcraft, Harry Potter) will be posted separately.))
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