31 January 2012 @ 09:47 pm
Art Dump 16: World of Warcraft, Harry Potter  
World of Warcraft first, then Harry Potter after. I actually sorta worked on the HP stuff. Hurrwut.

Sora, my tiny night elf mage who is pathetically trying to get Ambassador with her XP locked at 20. (I am tired of questing and instancing those dungeon arggghhhlol.) The little ear is to remind myself what her ear piercings are:

More of Sora, sorta reference-y and attempting a fun/silly style while I watched a movie:

An admittedly bad sketch of Sora:

Jeanie, my dorf rogue, named after my gramma (and made to look like a young version of her!):

Random Night Elf?:

Aanya, my baby warrior:

Another of Aanya, she's supposed to be battle-scarred but it's so sketchy you can't really tell:

Half of an Aanya head? I do this a lot because I like drawing random eyes and then random noses to go with them...lol:

Clairey, my night elf priesty:

Clairey again, I was trying for a cute hairstyle!

Dova, my baby paladin:

Another of Dova, a two-second Christmas sketch before I got sick of drawing:

A sketch of Gabbie, my gnome priest:


Harry Potter stuff nao? Okay.

I had to take a picture of my own hand with my crappy camera-phone so I could try to draw this. The picture I was using it in was a huge fail though, so I didn't include it:

Okay this made me a bit sad when I was drawing it BUT I LOVE HOW IT CAME OUT and can't wait to color it. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs:

Drawn while waiting for human beings to wake up and request pony art from me; have some Remus Lupin:

Drawn while still bored after one request of pony art and everyone else sleeping in while I was guzzling coffee; Nymphadora Tonks with her werewolf Patronus. (I wanted an excuse to draw more canines, I haven't even TRIED since my chalk pastel of a fox was lost in high school!)

Aand Ginny and HER Patronus...at least, I thought hers was a horse or something. Either way, whatever. I realize I screwed up her hair really bad; I was half dead from Tired when I started it and I can't see anything until I see a picture of it/it scanned, but I will maybe fix that sometime (coughprobablynever):

That's all for now!