25 October 2010 @ 09:38 am
I'll admit, my art isn't the greatest, and it's even worse when you're forced to draw and color in a small space. This is how I realized I am not a huge fan of the artist ATC hooplah. It sucks to draw on those cards. :|

Note that I was in a hurry (these were due LAST week and I am just mailing them out today) and so some of these turned out very badly. The scanner had a hard time differentiating between greens and blues, and all shades of purple look the same for some reason. I swear these all look much better in real life.

The first three are for the "horror movie poster" cards. I only picked to do three cards because ahhh I'm lazy and don't like/watch horror films. In order, spoof/parodies of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Piranha, and Corpse Bride. I realize Corpse Bride isn't a horror film, but WHO DOESN'T LIKE THAT MOVIE?! So yeah. That's my reasoning.

And now we have candy cards. We were supposed to draw ponies and candy, so here we go...

Dubble Bubble:



Mary Jane:

Sugar Babies:




Jolly Rancher:

Gummy Bear

Why yes, I haven't colored anything in a couple of years. At least, not traditionally. I am out of practice. Very much out of practice.
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