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2012-04-01 07:55 pm

Art Dump 17: World of Warcraft, Equines, Fire Emblem

A couple of pieces done mostly for the WoW Art XChange on Liveournal.

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2012-02-04 01:14 pm

Art Post 05: "Partly Cloudy"

For Kender. Uploaded to DeviantART, so I apologize for the watermark and the resolution, I promise the original file is much shinier!

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2012-01-31 09:15 pm

Art Dump 15: Equines, Flowers & Plants, Fire Emblem...ishness, People, Animals

Plenty of "My Little Pony"-esque things in here, along with some other random oddities.

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((All the other art that I did (World of Warcraft, Harry Potter) will be posted separately.))
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2011-11-01 01:13 pm
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Art Dump 14: Equines

Horses, unicorns, pegasi, zebras, ponies: they're here.

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Pretty sure that's everything!
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2011-11-01 12:14 pm
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Art Dump 11: Animals

This is basically just a post of a bunch of animals, mostly cats. Equines will get a separate post.

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2011-01-12 08:01 pm
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2011-01-08 10:55 pm
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2010-10-25 09:31 am

Art Dump 01: Older Works

First, old Tegaki art that's worth actually reposting.

Under the first cut: Zebra, Posey, Baby Glory.

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Under the second cut are three pieces I did while working in an office. These were drawn on scrap material (manilla folder) and outlined in Sharpie markers. I have more, but the scanner cut off the cats, so I decided not to bother with them at this time...

Daisy, Angel and a giraffe. )

Lastly, a piece I did last week. This is Kenyon, my draenei hunter...looking all...non-huntery:

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And that's all for this post.