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2012-01-31 09:15 pm

Art Dump 15: Equines, Flowers & Plants, Fire Emblem...ishness, People, Animals

Plenty of "My Little Pony"-esque things in here, along with some other random oddities.

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((All the other art that I did (World of Warcraft, Harry Potter) will be posted separately.))
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2011-11-01 01:13 pm
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Art Dump 14: Equines

Horses, unicorns, pegasi, zebras, ponies: they're here.

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Pretty sure that's everything!
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2011-01-12 08:01 pm
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2010-11-11 01:08 am

Art Dump 03: World of Warcraft + Pony + Fire Emblem

I went on a drawing spree this last weekend/week and so have lots to post. Dx I usually scan in sheets and just post full sheets, but because these will be cross-posted to WyrmrestAccord.net also? I went and cut them down individually and resized etc. before uploading. So.

Random Fire Emblem attempt + Pony and then tons of WoWcrap. :)

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That's all for now! Expect more, though. Also, you might notice my paper is thin enough that the scanner actually scans clean through...to the next page. Somehow. Ahaha, sorry about that.
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2010-10-25 09:38 am

Art Dump 02: My Little Pony ATC Swap

I'll admit, my art isn't the greatest, and it's even worse when you're forced to draw and color in a small space. This is how I realized I am not a huge fan of the artist ATC hooplah. It sucks to draw on those cards. :|

Note that I was in a hurry (these were due LAST week and I am just mailing them out today) and so some of these turned out very badly. The scanner had a hard time differentiating between greens and blues, and all shades of purple look the same for some reason. I swear these all look much better in real life.

The first three are for the "horror movie poster" cards. I only picked to do three cards because ahhh I'm lazy and don't like/watch horror films. In order, spoof/parodies of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Piranha, and Corpse Bride. I realize Corpse Bride isn't a horror film, but WHO DOESN'T LIKE THAT MOVIE?! So yeah. That's my reasoning.

Horror Cards x3 )

And now we have candy cards. We were supposed to draw ponies and candy, so here we go...

Candy Cards x10 )

Why yes, I haven't colored anything in a couple of years. At least, not traditionally. I am out of practice. Very much out of practice.
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2010-10-25 09:31 am

Art Dump 01: Older Works

First, old Tegaki art that's worth actually reposting.

Under the first cut: Zebra, Posey, Baby Glory.

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Under the second cut are three pieces I did while working in an office. These were drawn on scrap material (manilla folder) and outlined in Sharpie markers. I have more, but the scanner cut off the cats, so I decided not to bother with them at this time...

Daisy, Angel and a giraffe. )

Lastly, a piece I did last week. This is Kenyon, my draenei hunter...looking all...non-huntery:

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And that's all for this post.